Lets Get Familiar

Here is a quick outlook of how Zuput works


Pipeline Management

Collect your startup investment inquiries for funding, via your website, LinkedIn, Email or Events in one place.

Obtain comparable metrics by category, location and stage of startup to start initial background research to find the fit to your investment thesis

Organize the pitch deck, investment thesis research and summary documents with other investors or partners

Dealflow Tracking

Supervise your due diligence checklist, share and collaborate with other investors and partners

Manage and move opportunities across your custom investment process

Track your deals, key dates and obtain alerts and notifications on important news


Portfolio Monitoring

Analyze portfolio level performance against industry group or peers, get key portfolio metrics and monthly / quarterly reports in an automated manner

Track news about investments and competitors, and measure performance and investment appreciation

Generate LP reports and share with investors, partners and other investors easily

Integration and Collaboration

Integrate with Cloud storage to track files associated with investments and Email systems to keep track of communications

Participate in discussions and collaborate with team members on all opportunities and manage all deal related communications privately and securely

Obtain access to all files and communication in one place for easy document management


Research Platform

Leverage insights from over 1.5 Million startups in 764 cities and more than 1 Billion data points across all companies, updated in real time

Follow and track key influencers on the platform associated with the space to aid in due diligence

Assess key events and conferences to attend so you can speed up the learning on the market


Research Feature

Assemble comparable companies, entrepreneur background, average funding sizes, relative funding for comparable companies and funding by year and market

Research Growth

Dive deep on employee growth, locations, funding growth, recent news, social profiles and technology footprint of your target companies and competitors

Research Consistency

Facilitate faster data entry with extensive metaheuristics data from over 74 sources to ensure data consistency

Reporting and Analytics

Produce extensive reports for Limited Partners, members, participating investors on your pipeline, dealflow, portfolio and investment analysis

Create investment performance, Tax and Audit reports and file SEC compliant reports for regulatory consent

Perform whatif portfolio analysis and scenario planning with your investments


Technology Platform

Secure: All your personal data is cloud encrypted and only visible to you and the people you provide access to. Authentication, authorization and access control are built into the product.

Scaleable: Our platform is built to scale to petabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of users with low latency and fast access

Mobile friendly: Get access to the entire application with reporting, research and portfolio management capabilities on your mobile phone, anywhere