Zuput For Portfolio Management


Managing your startup portfolio by keeping track of documents, investments and stock certificates is spread across emails, cloud folders and online SaaS applications for most investors. When the time comes to redeem shares or file taxes and schedule K1’s there is a mad rush to obtain all the relevant information before the deadline. Spreadsheets are convenient, but hard to keep updated with complex macros, and fund management tools are built for large funds with multiple associates and data entry specialists. It is hard to collate, manage and keep track of all investments in one place.


Zuput provides a simple and easy portfolio management solution that integrates with your existing systems and allows for easy customization to fit your needs with no programming or complex configuration required. It brings data from multiple sources to you so you can reduce the manual data entry effort. It helps you answer questions such as:

  • Where are all the documents and files for each of my investments?
  • Have all investments types been accounted for correctly?
  • What progress is being made by the startups on key metrics associated with the company?
  • Are key events such as note conversion or interest redemptions due?
  • Are all the documents ready to be sent to the accountants and lawyers?

Zuput is hosted on the cloud, highly secure and scalable. It integrates with your productivity systems such as Outlook, Gmail, cloud folders such as Dropbox and collaboration tools such as Slack.


Zuput allows you to collate and track your startup portfolio in a single system, helping you monitor your investments. It helps you gain insights that execute your investment thesis and focus on helping your investments succeed. Zuput organizes all your data in a single place increasing productivity and making it easy to share them with your lawyers, accountants and other experts. The portfolio tracking and monitoring reduces the time required to generate reports and reduces paperwork during tax time.


  • Unified dashboard for your pipeline, dealflow and portfolio
  • Have all investments types been accounted for correctly?
  • Built-in collaboration, tasks and communication capabilities
  • Actionable reports for your entire investment portfolio
  • Easy to configure integrations with CRM, productivity, secure folders and startup data tools
  • Comprehensive user management and role based access for team participation
  • Extensive machine learning and data science models built-in to the offering


Product Logo Integration
Alexa Tracking website traction
Clearbit Tracking founder and company background
Crunchbase Investment data
Angel List Market data
LinkedIn Founder and team bio, background
Gmail Communications with pipeline, portfolio and dealflow
Dropbox Secure document storage
BuiltWith Technology data stack
Slack Collaboration and chat
Facebook Social traction
Twitter Social traction
Webhose News and blog information