AI for Investment Management

Manage your investment pipeline, dealflow and portfolio with very little data entry


AI for Investment Management

Perform comprehensive investment thesis research and due diligence


AI for Investment Management

Seamlessly collaborate with Limited Partners, other investors and entrepreneurs


AI for Investment Management

Generate extensive reports to track investment performance and monitor compliance

Apply Machine Learning to Startup Investing

Zuput takes the guesswork out of startup investing by providing data and insights to investment questions. With over 1.5 Million companies and 73 million unique metrics and data points, we bring data science to startup investing.


Investors use Zuput to answer these and other questions

  • What is the competitive landscape for the market segment?
  • Who are our top co-investors in a specific sector?
  • What's our aver faucibus. Suspendisse tempor vulputate massa eget luctus. Suspendisse a arcu efficitur erat auctor viverra. Morbi molestie arcu vitae age pre-money valuation by round over time?
  • What channels do our highest value deals come from?
  • What do our returns look like by sector, partner, or geography?

Investors use Zuput to answer these and other questions

  • Which are the top investments for me to double down on?
  • How much capital have we deployed in a sector this year?
  • Which of our companies are running low on cash?
  • When did we last engage with an LP?
  • What deals are we looking at as a firm?

Investors use Zuput to answer these and other questions

  • How can I easily gather data from my investments and analyze investment performance?
  • Who are the executives we know at Google?
  • Who are our important relationships in Toronto?
  • Who are the Fintech CEOs in our network?
  • How much have we invested in a company? What were the terms?

How Grubstakes uses Zuput for their investments

“We love the ability to track investments in one place and share with our partners. The integration with tools such as Slack and Gmail make it very convenient.” Sharad Agarwal, Investor, Grubstakes.

icon1    Monitoring Opportunity Pipeline
icon2    Tracking Inbound Dealflow
icon3    Managing Investment Portfolio

Cloud Hosted, Secure and Mobile Ready

Zuput is hosted securely on the cloud, integrates with a range of tools out-of-the-box and is mobile ready to support all your portfolio management needs.

Hosted on the Cloud

The Zuput platform is hosted on the cloud, allowing you to scale from a small set of investments to your complete portfolio.

Secure and Scalable

All personal data is encrypted and secure in Zuput. With access controls and granular authentication you can ensure you only share the required data with others you wish to collaborate with.

Integration Ready

Zuput integrates with Cloud drives such as Dropbox, Collaboration platforms such as Slack and email platforms such as Gmail.


Quick Video Demonstration

Want to have a preview of how Zuput Looks ? Here is a small demo with few basics. Click on play to have a walk through of Zuput ...

ZUPUT Benefits

Reduce manual data input with automated heuristic data

Lower data entry errors and get accurate analytics and insights

Speed dealflow by tracking all opportunities in a single place


Reduce time spent on collating reports with out of the box analytics

Facilitates collaboration easier with advisors and service providers

Track, monitor and manage your investment portfolio with journal and ledger support

Pricing Plans that Fit Everyone


$100 / per month
  • Best for individual users
  • Billed annually
  • Companies upto 200
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$250 / per month
  • Best for teams
  • Billed annually
  • Companies upto 1000
  • CRM Integration
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  • @Best for corporate-wide use
  • Billed annually
  • Companies upto 100,000
  • CRM Integration
  • API
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