At Zuput we care about working with people who share our beliefs and our culture. We consider our cultural elements daily in our hiring, interactions, promotions and meetings. Some of these are meant to contradict each other to ensure we don’t veer off in one direction too far.

Customers first, above all else. We begin our work by fixating on our customers and work to ensure that we prioritize their perspective over our business needs.

Always be learning and experimenting. We believe experiences and new opportunities give us the ability to keep growing. We are willing to keep experimenting and learning as we go.

Speed over accuracy. We value a strong bias for action, and believe that moving fast is more valuable than analyzing endlessly.

Execution is the most important part of strategy. While strategy is important, we believe the fastest way to get to your goals is to start working on them.

Data driven, and analytical. We believe our decisions are made with data driven insights, over gut feel alone.

The journey is more important than the destination. It is important to enjoy the trip while you are driving as much as reaching the destination.

Discipline and consistency beats intellect. We value showing up daily, working on making improvements over time rigorously and with passion.

Get ahead, stay ahead. We believe in being proactive and outlining a plan ahead of time to execute, over procrastinating and launching a come-from-behind approach.