Early stage startup investors trying to implement and execute a data-driven investment thesis find it hard to acquire machine learning talent and build systems to execute their vision. They invest in tools such as CRM, data analytics, contract management and collaboration products to manage their fund. Zuput integrates the data in these tools for analytics and insights. Leveraging Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Zuput delivers actionable insights to reduce risk of early stage investing.

Zuput integrates all your investment tools and systems without the need for any programming or writing scripts.

Zuput is the professional version of the startup scoring and CRM system for professional angel, venture and early stage investors. It uses Machine Learning and extensive data from over 50 sources to create a CRM system to track, manage and evaluate early stage startup opportunities.

Zuput Inc. is based in Seattle with offices in Bangalore & Cochin, India.

Core Beliefs

  • We believe in the transformative power of metaheuristics for investment management.
  • We believe that using data science for startup investing will generate better outcomes for investors with lower risk.
  • We believe that machine learning helps generate actionable insights to reduce early stage investing risk.